Community Profile

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church is located in Tuskegee, Alabama, which is 40 miles east of Montgomery, 130 miles south of Birmingham, and 130 miles southwest of Atlanta, Georgia. Tuskegee is the County Seat and largest of four incorporated towns in Macon County, a predominantly rural area consisting of 616 square miles. Tuskegee is served by an interstate bus line and airports in Montgomery and Atlanta and Columbus, Georgia. Interstate 85, US Highways 80 and 29, and Alabama Highways 15 and 81 are routed through Tuskegee.

Tuskegee is a town of rolling hills, pines, lakes, streams, and meadows. Historic Tuskegee University is one of its main attractions and employers. The Oaks, Booker T. Washington's home, and the Carver Museum, which houses the scientific achievements of Dr. George Washington Carver, are operated by the National Park Service as part of the Tuskegee Institute National Historic Site. The Central Alabama Veterans Health Care System (CAVHCS) East Campus, a National Forest, and a Greyhound Racetrack are other distinctive features of the community. Tuskegee is also "the Cradle of Black Aviation" in America and home of the famous 99th Pursuit Squadron of World War II, the Tuskegee Airmen.

Tuskegee has a Mayor-Council form of government and operates its own light, water, and waste utilities. The unincorporated areas of Macon County are governed by the County Commissioners. According to the 1990 Census, the population of Tuskegee was 12,257, including 3400 students at Tuskegee University. African-Americans hold the majority of elected positions in Tuskegee and Macon County governments. According to a 1998 Census estimate, the population of Macon County was 22,951. A vast majority of the registered voters in the County are members of the Democratic Party.

The Department of Human Resources provides aid to dependent children and the Community Action Agency issues food commodities countywide. Local social services programs support limited medical care, housing and utilities assistance for the needy. According to the Macon County Board of Realtors, prices of homes range from $25,000 to $100,000. Apartments rent from $200 to $475. House rentals range from $275 to $500. According to the 1990 Census, 54 per cent of Tuskegee households owned their homes at a median value of $34,600.

Cultural outlets are available at the University through nationally and internationally known speakers and personalities, concerts, dramatic productions, etc. Hunting, fishing, golf and tennis are some of the recreational activities enjoyed by the residents. Lake Tuskegee and two public parks provide fishing, swimming, and a full range of recreational activities for all ages. Camp sites are available at Chewacla State Park (15 miles).

Tuskegee has one local weekly newspaper; however, newspapers from Auburn-Opelika, Montgomery, Birmingham, Columbus and Atlanta are delivered daily. Television reception includes the major networks and the city is also served by a cablevision station and an AM radio station.

Family physicians, internists and pediatricians provide the delivery of office primary care for the Tuskegee community. Although Tuskegee is without a hospital, medical services are available in nearby hospitals which can be reached within 30 minutes. The staffs of the institutions work closely and cooperatively with Tuskegee physicians. An invaluable asset and back-up to the physicians is the home visitation program, carried out by an efficient group of professional nurses. Emergency care is accomplished by the State Certified Ambulance Service. Other supportive and contributing factors to the community's total health program are its dentists, a local health department, two nursing homes, and a federally funded ambulatory health care facility.

The Macon County Board of Education operates the public schools located throughout the county, including three elementary schools and one high school in Tuskegee. Also in Tuskegee are two parochial schools, a junior college, a technical institute, and internationally known Tuskegee University. A new comprehensive high school, Booker T. Washington High School opened in 1991. Through federal, state, county, city and private funds, there are several child care centers, Head Start Centers, and an adult training center operating in the city.

Within Macon County there are approximately 130 churches of various denominations, with 45 located within Tuskegee. The Tuskegee Ministerial Alliance, comprised of religious leaders of the local churches, meets regularly to exchange ideas and to aid in the solution of mutual problems. In addition, they provide support to the Food Bank, administer the distribution of monies from their Emergency Fund, and assist in drug counseling. There is also an active chapter of Church Women United, supported by most denominations.

Elevation of the town in 475' MSL, mean annual temperature is 65 degrees, annual average rainfall is 52 inches, length of the growing season is 240 days, and the air quality is good.